Reclaim Your A-Game:

Overcome Critical Leadership Injuries

Break through barriers from leadership breakdowns to thrive like never before
Break through barriers from leadership breakdowns 

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Critical Leadership Injury (CLI):


Lasting negative effect of interaction with a leader or authority (or in one’s role as such)

Signs & Symptons of

Critical Leadership Injuries (CLI)

Even if you’ve suffered a setback from poor leadership, you can:



in yourself


in others


in your work
You can even learn to protect yourself and others from future injuries associated with leadership breakdowns.

Are you suffering from a Critical Leadership Injury (CLI)?

You were in the game. Giving your all. But then you took a hit.

Maybe it was something that happened. Your boss ripped you a new one in front of the whole team. You got thrown under the bus and took the heat for something that wasn’t your fault. Or you’ve been micromanaged into the ground.

Or maybe it was something that didn’t happen. You got passed over for a promotion (and raise) that should have been yours. You got thrown to the wolves without the support or resources you needed to get the job done. Or you’ve been just a cog in the wheel where nobody really cared or recognized your contribution.

Even the best players can be discouraged, disheartened, and disillusioned when injustices like these occur.

Confidence takes a hit, trust is eroded, and the passion we once had drains right out of us.

We tend to avoid certain situations–or adapt in ways that are actually hurting us and our chances of advancement.

You might even consider quiet quitting or joining the Great Resignation.

But will you really be happier if you just mail it in or take your toys and go home?

That’s not going to solve the underlying problem…and could open you up to a whole set of new ones.

If you don’t deal with this now, it could haunt you for years to come–even if you find a new job or decide to do your own thing.

But you don’t have to be held back or hindered by lingering leadership injuries…
Reclaim Your A-Game in 3 Steps
1. IDENTIFY The Injury 
Assess the impact of Critical Leadership Injuries (CLI) across 5 key areas:

  • Safety & Security
  • Trust in Yourself & Others
  • Power & Control
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Connection with Others
2. TREAT The Injury
Address the effects of CLI on:

  • Body and physiological response to stress
  • Emotional & psychological well-being
  • Thoughts, beliefs, & attitudes
  • Choices, decision-making, & behavior
3. PREVENT Future Injury
Adopt an Exponential Mindset® to protect yourself and others by making key perspectives shifts such as:

  • Focus on WHO before DO to stay anchored in identity apart from performance
  • Turn ME to WE to be a leader who cares about and brings out the best in others
  • Move from CONTROL to INFLUENCE to be an empowering leader others want to follow
April Minatrea, Ph.D.
Director of Leadership Excellence
The Exponential Mindset Group
The techniques I’ll teach you have been forged in the fire of my work as a clinical psychologist treating combat trauma with military veterans for over a decade. Whether the trauma is from the battlefield or the boardroom, the process is similar.

After witnessing transformation for veterans and others seeking treatment for PTSD, I became curious about applying the same concepts that helped them to those who were being hindered by bad experiences with leaders. Not just bosses but also other authority figures: parents, teachers, coaches, and pastors. Combining expertise in trauma recovery with wisdom on parenting styles, attachment, and the science of human relationships, I developed the Critical Leadership Injury Protocol (CLIP) to alleviate the pain of these experiences, heal the soul, and remove the barriers that hold people back from living their best lives.

Reclaim Your A-Game:
Overcome Critical Leadership Injuries

  • Understand types & causes of leadership injuries
  • Identify leadership injuries in yourself or others
  • Assess the impact of Critical Leadership Injuries (CLI) on your work and sense of worth
  • Receive validation of your experience that transforms how you feel about it
  • Release the negativity that has been stored up and holding you back
  • Ensure powerful decisions are working for you, not against you
  • Bolster yourself against future leadership injuries
  • Protect others under your leadership from potential CLIs

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